Stroke is a sudden and devastating illness that occurs due to problems with the blood supply to the brain; either the blood supply is blocked or the blood within the brain is ruptured causing the brain tissue to die.  This can cause overwhelming life changes in one’s life, however many people are unaware of its widespread impact.   Mr. B has suffered a major stroke and is unable to live at home due to damage done to his property that has left a large hole in his roof. My colleague and I have supported Mr B in a holistic way as best as we can, (ongoing case), and have come to have a very good rapport with Mr B.  We assured him that we were not there to judge but to support him in every possible way and for this reason he opened up and gave us a glimpse of his life and well- being.

Because of the complexity of this case different professional bodies were drafted in, regular meetings were held in several locations, social workers and all other relevant workers were informed every step of the way. Mr B is now registered homeless, his insurers will not take responsibility to fix his house due to wear and tear and asbestos is also reported to be found in the house as well making it uninhabitable. Due to  Mr. B’s stroke, he might not be able to work again, he’s  not sure how much longer he is entitled to the half of wages he is receiving at the moment, he has no savings and no friends of family to be supported by.

I have taken a holistic approach in supporting Mr. B in every way possible, supported him to open and close accounts via the telephone and at the bank, set up direct debts, took contractors to his house to get estimates for repairs, accompanied him home several times, to view properties and to visit housing officers or just sit and talk to him, held his hand when he stumbled, made sure he had eaten when hungry, laugh and cried with him.   At times he appears lost and overwhelmed with the reality of his illness and losing his home, he is trying to come to terms with it.

In conclusion, most people with care needs will get help from their local authorities; however, if they are not sure how to access these services and/or also lack the capacity to do so there is a risk of future vulnerability and destitution.  For this reason I believe the charity has made and will persist to make a positive impact on the lives of others we come in contact with on a week to week basic in supporting them.  I continue to strive to do my utmost best and look forward to the journey ahead in making a difference.