G was a child abused by both his parents, he was taken into care at the age of 8 years, lived in a children’s home until the age of 16 when he went to agricultural college. G has never married, he says he was frightened a wife might turn into the sort of woman his mother was, and has lived his whole life alone.

The HFHC co-ordinator first met G in hospital when delivering a food parcel for him to take home on discharge. On that first meeting G talked of his beloved cat which had recently died at the age of 17. It was obvious G was grieving.

The first visit at home G needed support to sort out a problem with a refurbished washing machine he had recently bought and had fitted which was leaking. The co-ordinator was able to contact the supplier and arrange an appointment later that day to have the leak mended. On this visit G again talked sadly of his cat.

On the second visit G was talking about his cat and the co-ordinator discussed with him how he would feel about another cat, G said it was all he wanted. The third visit the co-ordinator was able to tell G she had found a kitten which would be ready in a couple of weeks if he was interested. G stated he would like to have the kitten very much. The fourth visit G talked happily about the kitten and told the co-ordinator the name he had chosen.

The fifth visit was to deliver the kitten, along with the necessary tray, litter and food. ( G cried when given the kitten. ) A visit the following week showed all to be well, kitten and G thriving.

The next visit G had bought a cooker from the same supplier, the oven wasn’t working and he was sure the cooker delivered was not the cooker he chose. The co-ordinator phoned the supplier and arranged to take G to the shop, the co-ordinator was able to secure a better cooker at no extra cost to G, to be delivered and fitted the next day. The co-ordinator arranged a final visit for the following week.

G and kitten doing well. G’s whole demeanour improved and he appeared to be in better spirits from the moment the kitten was delivered. G was given details of a charity which will take care of the kitten if he is admitted back into hospital. The co-ordinator agreed to take G and the kitten to the PDSA when the time comes for her to be spayed. G has a contact number for HfHC to use if he has any problems.