The client was a 90 year old lady who had a fall and broke her wrist whilst visiting her 93 year old sister in a nursing home. She was also suffering from Macular Degeneration. The client was previously very independent but lost her confidence and was very emotional following the fall. The volunteer visited her and sorted out her paperwork for her, put them into polypockets and labelled them in big letters so that she could find them. She also arranged for the bills to be paid by direct debit and copied out all the phone numbers in large print so that the client could read them easily. The volunteer also made a big chart for the wall so that she could easily see what appointments had been set up for the following week as the client was getting confused.

As the client did all her washing herself, the volunteer arranged for a laundry service to collect and wash her sheets and towels. She also arranged for a water meter to be installed which cut her water bills considerably.

The volunteer accompanied the client to visit her sister and encouraged her to use taxis for the future. The volunteer made enquiries, arranged a taxi service and went with her for the first few visits.

Due to poor eyesight, the volunteer installed “daylight bulbs” in the house and found some magnifying glasses, she also arranged for all her bills to be issued in large print.

By the end of her visits, the volunteer had managed to increase the client’s confidence; she was now going out on her own using taxis and buses, she felt more in control with her bills and laundry sorted out. The volunteer invested a large amount of time and effort with this client but the results were well worth it.