The family of a 91 year old man were concerned as he had been admitted to hospital with a broken hip; he was also suffering from cataracts and mild dementia. The client’s wife had died the previous year and he was missing her a great deal. Whist in hospital, the client had several episodes of entering a catatonic state and staff had difficulty arousing him. His son telephoned Home from Hospital asking if it would be possible to visit his father on the ward and chat to him in an effort to stimulate him. He had no family in Birmingham as both his sons lived in Devon and Plymouth; they tried to come up as often as possible but felt that he needed more interaction. I agreed to visit him as much as possible as I worked in the hospital. We chatted about his life and family. The client remained in hospital for a couple of months until the family were able to relocate him to a nursing home nearer to them. He died a few weeks after moving but the family said that he last days were happy. The funeral took place back in Birmingham and I was able to attend and represent the charity.