As a volunteer I have often given people my personal telephone number to re-assure patients if on their own, that they have someone to call.    Little did I realise just how important this simple act was.

I got a call from a very frantic elderly lady who was on holiday in Torquay with a lady I had worked with.   She had collapsed in the street and an ambulance had been called, she rang me as my card was in the ladies purse.

I was able to give the ambulance driver a list of her conditions and medications and her daughters telephone number as she lives in France.

The hospital called me to say that she was on life support and could I let her daughter know as they had not been able to reach her.

I drove down to Torquay to be with this lady whilst she was on life support but also to support her friend who is also an elderly lady that she was having a short holiday with as she was alone and did not know what to do.

Sadly she passed away before her daughter could get over to England.    I was honoured to be able to offer this service for a lady I was very fond of whilst I volunteering with her after a stay in hospital after a fall.