Mr S was discharged from hospital and had no family or friends to support him. Our volunteer visited Mr S and helped him to sort out his bills and introduced him to luncheon clubs. By the end of the 6 weeks Mr S had fully recovered and was confident to attend clubs on his own.

A 69 year old man who was diabetic had a below-knee amputation. He was very lonely lived alone. He had a morning carer to assist with washing and personal care. Our volunteer visited offered shopping and befriending. They completed seven visits for shopping and general support and also discussed with his family other types of support available.

An 86 year old lady suffering from chronic heart disease, living alone had declined a care package from Social Services. Our volunteer visited and arranged Wiltshire Farm Foods to be delivered. Our volunteer also realised that the patient was very confused, so she arranged for the doctor to visit. Information was given to the daughter on Meals on Wheels, Pendant Alarms, Age Concern services and the Social services emergency numbers.

A 76 year old man was discharged from Good Hope hospital following cancer. He was looked after by his wife and requested some support to allow her to go to the shops, hairdresser etc. Our volunteer visited on four occasions and offered a sitting service, which would have continued but unfortunately the man died.

A man in Bartley Green was discharged from the Queen Elizabeth following a broken hip replacement, he lived alone in a sheltered housing scheme bungalow but with no warden on site. He was struggling to cope. He referred himself to us , an emergency food parcel was delivered, a volunteer allocated for help with shopping and befriending. He phoned the office after six weeks to say he did not know what he would have done without the support of Home from Hospital Care