A volunteer visited to do shopping for a couple. The husband aged 77 had been admitted to hospital following a blackout. Both he and his wife were very frail and although he had been driving before he went into hospital he had lost confidence since his discharge. The volunteer did the shopping and found out that the client did all their washing by hand; she took their clothes to the launderette for them. After a few weeks they decided that it was time to get a washing machine. As the client had been in the army she arranged for the British Legion to purchase and install the washing machine. They also repaired his back gate free of charge. The client was very pleased with the work and made a donation to both HFHC and British Legion.

Mr S was discharged from hospital and had no family or friends to support him. Our volunteer visited Mr S and helped him to sort out his bills and introduced him to luncheon clubs. By the end of the 6 weeks Mr S had fully recovered and was confident to attend clubs on his own.